Museum and Galleries

The city of Bath has plenty to offer its visitors in the way of galleries and museums, due largely to the areas varied and celebrated history. The Bath Postal Museum is well worth a visit as it covers 4,000 years of communication, from letters written on clay to today’s electronic mail. The reconstructed nineteen thirties post office is well worth seeing at this museum.

The Fashion Museum is located in Bath’s Georgian Assembly Rooms and celebrates dress from different historical periods as well as the fashion design of today. It acts as a source of great interest for many students looking to research elements of the fashion industry.

No visitor to Bath should miss the Pump room housed at the Roman Baths and Temple, which really do date from the Roman invasion of Britain. The religious Spa is one of the best remaining of the Ancient World and for many is the focal point of the City’s World Heritage status. If you like art then the Victoria Art Gallery is an excellent attraction to visit with its permanent displays, art dating back to the fifteenth century and a variety of other special exhibitions throughout the year. The Museum of East Asian Art is located on Bennet Street in a beautifully restored Georgian building. The museum houses collections from all over East Asia, with some objects dating back 500BC and is a popular choice for those interested in the Arts as is the American Museum which opened in 1961. Housing room displays, artistic objects and paintings from the present day and dating back to the seventeenth and mid-nineteenth centuries, the museums collection is unique to the area.