Thermal spa

Thermae Bath Spa

Britain’s only natural thermal spa can be found in the World Heritage site of Bath. This unique attraction uses the same sultry, mineral enriched hot springs as was used in the original baths of some 2000 years ago which were used by both the celts and romans.

The building’s spectacular and contemporary design encompasses the historic Georgian Hot and Cross Baths, to truly offer the best of both ‘old and new’ architecture.

The day spa offers a choice of 2 or 4 hour sessions during which the first class facilities can be enjoyed with full access. The Spa encompasses the wonderful warm waters which the area is renown for, a number of aromatic steam rooms and the breath-taking open air, roof top swimming pool which offers spectacular views across this ancient city. For a more traditional experience, it is possible to have a 1 and ½ hour session in the outside Cross Bath area. As well as these facilities, the Thermae Bath Spa also offers in excess of 50 treatments which can be purchased as part of a spa package or as a stand alone activity. It is also well worth visiting the on site visitor centre which has fantastic exhibits and displays which chart the history of Bath and its Spa’s from Roman times through to the present day.
The Thermae Bath Spa site houses an excellent cafe and restaurant which offers meals, snacks and refreshment throughout the day and evening and likewise, there is also a shop which sells spa related merchandise.